I must have inherited my Grandmother's nimble fingers...she came from a village in the South of Ireland where the women were known for exquisite lace making. I still have the antique Singer sewing machine that she and her sisters used to outfit themselves and their families when they immigrated to America. It's a beauty.

I got the bug for handwork when I was a kid. I first started with a crochet hook (it was the 70's after all...) and worked my way into knitting needles, embroidery hoops, and finally a sewing machine! Then my favorite college classes involved photography and I kept my hands busy during graduate school with quilting. Along came marriage and parenthood and my handwork was focused on my family.

A few years ago I took a class on making French placemats and that was all she wrote. (I still use the original set of placemats, though now my linen drawers are overflowing). I started designing and producing placemats, napkins, guest towels and kitchen towels for family members. Then my embroidery creations caught the attention of my kids' school, friends, and friends of friends... and then, well, here we are.

The Tailored Table ™ offers a simple solution; unique and stylish hand-sewn linens that make a big impact. I love that and I think you will too!
- Stacy McHugh